Certified Energy is a lighting wholesale specialist and distributor.  We are an approved distributor for O&R, Con ED, and CT.  We can provide lighting materials and electrical supplies for all you lighting needs.  Our Energy Managers can also calculate all your energy savings, ROI, provide rebates, and financing for your projects.

What can a Certified energy manager do for you?

We not only do we understand your lighting need, but we have the background to fully understand your whole building.  We also offer Energy Consulting.  We pay for ourselves in the energy savings.  We can eliminate fines and fees for non compliance due to  LL84 & 87 (NYC).

We are known for our customer service and attention to detail.  We get the job done right the first time.

Why do we need an Energy Consultant?

Good question - many businesses have survived without an energy consultant. So why hire one? Well, many firms overlook important aspects of their business. Take for example insurance or data security. Typically, mid-sized businesses focus on these issues when something goes wrong, may be a legal claim or a data breach. By then it is usually too late. The damage has been done. With energy management things can go wrong every day (think billing errors) but also you could simply be overpaying for your energy. Unless you follow the markets closely - how would you know? This is why even if you have never hired an energy consultant now may be the right time.  Don't put off lighting projects because they are not in the budget yet.  We have solutions for you.

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