We offer competitive pricing on ANY make or model lighting, from LED to Fluorescent.

We can conduct a full building lighting audit or work off your take off, Scope of work, or drawings.

We are a manufacturers rep. and distributor of the largest brands in the industry.

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Bill Recovery

We look over Gas, Water and Electric invoices in an attempt to find errors and overcharges paid to the local utility over the course of several years.  This is a no risk venture.  There are no fess unless we recover money on your behalf.  Around 75% of clients have some form of billing errors.  We will continue to monitor it going forward to make sure they do not reoccur.

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Gas & Electric Procurement

Lock in a fixed gas or electric rate for your home or business today.  We work with all the largest suppliers to get you the most competitive bid on the market.  We are looking to build long term clients.


Tax Deductions

Any high efficiency Lighting, HVAC or Insulation project constructed prior to 2017 qualifies for the 179D federal tax deduction. Recently purchased/renovated buildings also qualify for a Cost Segregation and Abandonment Study.  Call for a free quote.


Demand Response

Receive monthly incentive payments for being on standby, should the utilities need to relieve stress on the grid.  A custom energy reduction plan with be created and implemented that could include reducing/turning off lighting, cooling systems, ancillary pumps, secondary elevators, and other non-essential equipment.  A mutually agreed upon plan we be submitted that will not negatively effect business operations.


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Conservation products

We offer a complete line up of water, gas, and electric saving products.  From high efficient systems to smart monitoring, to aerators and other patented products.

LED Upgrades

Converting to LED's can save you up to 80% on your utility bills

Alternative Energy

Solar, Wind, Battery and Co-Gen systems have attractive paybacks and many purchase and lease options.  Call to find out which is the best for your commercial  facility or multifamily.



Next Steps...

Call for a free consultation.  A 5 minute call could save you 10% or more on your utility bills